Mario Jacinto Genoveza is a multidisciplinary designer based in Melbourne.
Mario Jacinto Genoveza
multidisciplinary designer based
in Melbourne, Australia.
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Doused is an app that encourages people to use reusable cups and be well hydrated while reducing and combating the consumption of single-use plastic bottles/cups and earning rewards. In line with the Sustainable development goal by the United Nations promoting Responsible Consumption and Production, otherwise known as SDG Goal 12 by the UN, the app aims to encourage sustainable consumption and production by promoting the use of reusable cups/bottles.

It may track daily water consumption, in which the user may also set a daily goal of water intake, and where they may learn about how much plastic waste they have saved by the amount of water they have consumed using their reusable cups. The app is gamified as small achievements may grant users badges while a certain amount of saved plastic or goal achieved may grant users with physical rewards such as free cups of coffee at cafes.

The profile page also features an interactive “design my cup” function where users may be directed to the app’s website to design and shop their cup. The overall objective of the app is to encourage eco-consciousness while keeping healthy.