Mario Jacinto Genoveza is a multidisciplinary designer based in Melbourne.
Mario Jacinto Genoveza
multidisciplinary designer based
in Melbourne, Australia.
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Input is an app that enables businesses and different organizations to generate and design data visualization through a simplified and efficient process. The app makes translating and simplifying complex data less threatening among creatives and non-creatives through a customizable data visualization generator for various kinds of projects and presentations.

The app features two main functionalities.

1. Input - This is where users may either upload or copy-paste data, verify then generate their own data visualization. Users can then choose their preferred chart type, customize their project and jot down notes before saving their output.

2. Insights - This is where users can find archived data visualization projects with their notes. They may edit and share these files on social media or through e-mail.

By providing users with an accessible process of generating customizable data visualization, the app encourages users to engage with complex statistical data and translate it into visual data with ease.