Mario Jacinto Genoveza 
multidisciplinary designer
Mario Jacinto Genoveza
multidisciplinary creative based
in Melbourne, Australia.
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  • Socially responsive ad campaign proposal for Patagonia
  • 3D rendering 
  • Desert image stock c/o unsplash
Inspired by the idea of translating the concept of transparency as a corporate value, Transparency. Not a trend. is a socially responsive ad campaign proposal which aims to highlight Patagonia’s unapologetic commitment to truthfulness and sustainability.

Being at the forefront of pushing for sustainability in the fashion and retail industry, they use recycled materials and cotton textiles that are certified organic by the global organic textile standard. They also offer a repair and reuse program through a sub-e-commerce platform called, where they sell prototypes and pre-loved clothing that have been sold back to them to discourage people from unnecessy shopping.

Furthermore, Patagonia remains firm in presenting the positive and negative effects of their production on the environment while striking a balance, treating transparency as an asset instead of a liability, and making immense and concrete efforts in reshaping the apparel industry.